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Mayor’s Speech To the Citizen

Mayor & Deputy

Mrs Kamla Devi Varmah, Deputy Mayor and Mr Mario Désiré Bienvenu, Mayor

      I would like first of all to thank Eric Guimbeau, leader of the MMSD, my family and friends and the citizens of Curepipe for their invaluable support.

There is pride and honour in this special moment but also humility.

I am aware of the expectations our campaign has generated in each one of you and I am conscious of the difficulties that this undertaking will involve. 

We have some challenging times ahead, but let me share a quote with you from Winston Churchill: ‘’A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty’’.

As a community, we will take the optimistic path while at the same time being realistic of what we can accomplish with our resources.

We will not allow the perfect as important as it is to become the enemy of the possible.

We are committed to action, to getting things done, to deliver tangible, achievable results for our city and its residents.

That is what our residents expect from us and it’s also what we demand for ourselves.

As Mayor of the town of Curepipe, my most important job is to define and communicate a vision for our city.

This vision is based on the program written by the citizens of this town.

The goals are to bring new economic outlook, to render the municipal service hub efficient and reliable, to strengthen security, to revitalize recreation, to boost sports activities and sustainable development.

We shall beautify our city and make it a peaceful place to live in.

We have at heart the welfare of our citizens and will address issues that may appear insignificant but which poisons our daily life.

For us the citizen is not only the one who has the right to vote but also the one who lives in the city.

One of our priorities is to successfully combine socio-economic development and progress and get more benefits to job seekers in the city.  One of our aims is also to provide a better match between supply and demand by enhancing our human resources.

When we go through the Local Government Act, we find that among the purposes Cialis of a Local Authority, there is the promotion of the socio-economic, environmental and cultural well-being of the local community as well as the improvement of the overall quality of life of people in the local community.

On the other hand, certain benefits arising from sporting and leisure activities include development of the individual, community development, relief of social deprivation, anti-poverty strategies, physical fitness, health and well-being, urban regeneration programmes and economic development.

Therefore, boosting of sports activities and revitalization of leisure will be implemented as soon as possible.

Real changes won’t come easily, we will have to work for it.

I would like to address the Municipal staff and officials and tell them that the quality of life in our city depends mostly on the quality of their work.  This alone must constitute a powerful incentive so that their work is accountable and productive and I do trust them for that.

I value their contribution and I’m looking forward to progress as a team.

I would also like to address concerned, resourceful citizens, all those who live in the city, know the city and work in the city, that nothing can be changed without your contribution and today, I call upon you to fully participate and collaborate.

I do not believe in a municipal authority that will solve all the city’s problems.  However, I believe in a municipal administration that will mobilize the city’s forces so that together we solve the city’s problems.

This is what I am engaged to do and I call upon you all to join me in achieving this challenging goal.

’Ensam Nu Kapav’’ et ‘’Ensam Nu Pou Fer Li’’.

Thank you for your kind attention.

God bless our town.

Message from the Chief Excutive of the Municipal Council Of Curepipe


V. SEEPARSAD A.g Chief Executive


It is indeed with a great pleasure that I address the citizens of the Municipal Council of Curepipe and the citizens of the Republic of Mauritius at large.  It is a matter of pride to put this website for the benefit of one and all to know about the Town of Curepipe and the various services offered.I do hope that web users will enjoy the site and draw valuable information from it to facilitate their task for their well-being.