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List of Activities

Municipal Council of Curepipe

Welfare Department

List of Activities for year 2015

  Activity Date Venue
1 Conference on Abolition of Slavery 7 February Municipal Council Room
  ThaipoosamCavadee 3 February Tamil Temples
  MahaShivaratree 14-16 February SSR Botanical Garden
  Holi 6 March Temples
  Mass Chinese Spring Festival 19 February Ste Helene Church
  Flag Raising for employees 11 March Municipal Town Hall
  Flag Raising 11 March Malherbes Kindergarten
  Allocation of buses for Easter February/March Registered Associations of the Town
  International Women Day 14 March  Town Hall
  Ugadi 15 March   Hindu Girl College
  Spring Festival 15 March Chinese School
  World Theatre Day 26 March Charles RegnaudMulti Purpose Complex
  Randonnee for women employees 11 April Nature Park
  Youth Concert for Independence 27 March Esplanade Town Hall
  Remittance of title deeds Housing Estate 27 March Casernes Sports complex
  VarushaPirappu April Hindu Girls college
  Shivaji Day May Hindu Girls College
  Candle Light memorial May Mangalkhan Loges
  Civic Activities- lumieres June Township
  Music Day 21 June Town Hall
  Tour de Maurice June Arrival Town Hall yard
  Eid UlFitr July Islamic Cultural Centre
  Sports Award Ceremony July Town Hall
  AadiPerukkuVizha August SSR Botanical Garden
  Assumption Day August Parish
  Ganesh Chaturthi September Marathi Associations
  Govinden September Tamil Associations
  AUA Games October Local Authorities
  Honorary Freedom October Town Hall
  Divali November Town Hall Yard
  Employees Day November S James Burty David Gymnasium
  Fete des Enfants December Town hall yard