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List of Welfare Activities





January 2018 – December 2018
1. Thaipoosam Cavadee In collaboration with religious associations of the township
2. Maha Shivratree Celebration
3. Mass i.c.w Chinese Spring Festival Ste Thérèse Church
4. Easter celebrations Spiritual Tours by Associaitons
5. Abolition of slavery Carnegie Library
6. Flag Raising Ceremony Town Hall Yard & Malherbes Pre-primary School
7. Zumba Dance Town Hall Yard
8. Visit of delegation from Reunion Island Council Room
9. ‘Curepipe Shield’ football tournament George V Stadium
10. Gala Match – participation Jeunesse Sportive

St Pierroise – Reunion Island

George V Stadium
11. Award Ceremony – Garden tea Party SSR Garden
12. JG United Green – Sensitization Campaign Programme Town Hall Yard
13. Dinner, Chinese Spring Festival & Mass Ste Thérèse Church, Chinese School
14. Varusha Pirappu Celebration St Joseph College
15. EHV Education – Walk & Exhibition Flacq, Stade Auguste Vollaire
16. Vaccination Campaign in collaboration with Ministry of Health, Lake Point
17. Shivaji Day Celebration  
18. La Grande Lessive in collaboration with Lycée Labourdonnais Exhibition, Lakepoint
19. Remittance of cheque to sports clubs of the township Council Room
20. Exhibition of vintage car Town Hall Yard
21. Rally Auto Car Township
22. Procession/campaign

Screening diabetes

Lions Club
23. Inauguration Rishi Nagar

Municipal Complex

Engrais Martial
24. Laying of foundation stone for mini gym Engrais Martial
25. Re-opening of SSR Children Playground and townhall yard children playground Town Hall Yard
26. ‘Bal Rann Zaricot’ Town Hall Yard
27. Festival creole/swaré concert Town Hall Yard
28. AUA – Mega Health Check up Town Hall Yard
29. Cooperative Week in collaboration with Ministry of Cooperatives Town Hall Yard
30. Re-opening of Bigarade Cemetery Bigarade
31. Screening for diabetes in collaboration with Lions Club Forum + Town Hall Yard
32. Remembrance Day Town Hall Yard
33. Jam Dance in collaboration with Ministry of Youth & Sports Lakepoint
34. Disability Day SSR Botanical Garden
35. Distribution of Toys Town Hall Yard
36. Christmas Carol Town Hall Yard
37. Divali in collaboration with The Swatika Trust Town Hall Yard
38. Outing Municipal Pre-primary School  
39. Arrival of Indentured Labourers  
40. La Toussaint  
41. Father Laval – Centre d’accueil in collaboration with other Local Authorities St Croix junction, Abercrombie
42. Venkateswara Pooja Hari Hara Devestanam
43. Mass to celebrate 150 years Ste Thérèse Ste Thérèse Church
44. Recreational Day  
45. Lunch for Municipal Employees  
46. Dinner offered by Mayor  


January 2019 – October 2019

1. Curepipe Football Memorial Cup (Football Tournament among young football schools)


Sir Winston Churchill Stadium ( Velodrome)
2. National Day celebration – Recreational Day with participation of NGOs of Curepipe


Municipal Town Hall Yard
3. Inauguration of Municipal Pétanque Pitch + Pétanque Tournament


Dr James Burty David Municipal Gymnasium
4. Mass Sterilisation of dogs & cats in collaboration with MSAW


Municipal Town Hall Yard


Participation in “Relais Marathon de Quatre Bornes” with categories Junior/Senior, Mixed & veteran athletes   from Curepipe 


Quatre Bornes
6. Music Day with participation of Municipal Kindergarten & NGOs Arcades Salaffa Curepipe
7. “Mega kanpagn netwayaz” in Curepipe


Trou-aux-Cerfs,  Camp Caval & Pont Carbonel & Eau Coulée
8. “Parcours de la Flamme des Jeux” in collaboration with Ministry of Youth & Sports


Arteries of curepipe
9. Organisation of 10th Indian Ocean Islands Games (Weightlifting) in collaboration with MYS & COJI


Dr James Burty david Municipal Gymnasium
10. Reward Ceremony in honour of athletes of Curepipe


Municipal Council Room
11. Pédaler en Sécurité Town Hall yard
12. Marche Audax Starting and ending points Town-Hall yard
13. Recreational Day/Zumba Dance Town-Hall
14. Flag Raising Ceremony Children Malherbes Kindergarten  
15. Flag Raising Ceremony Municipal Employees/Councillors  
16. Curepipe Shield followed by Musical Programme Sir Winston Churchill Stadium
17. Inauguration of Petanque Pitch Dr James Burty David Municipal Gymnasium
18. Petanque Tournament Dr James Burty David Municipal Gymnasium
19. Other Activities Désiré Myrthe Memorial Cup Sir Winston Churchill Stadium
20. Reception in Favour of Laureates Council Room
21. Laying of Foundation Stone – Town-Hall Town-Hall Yard
22. Chinese Spring Festival Lakepoint Hall
23. Ugaadi Celebration St Joseph College
24. Varusha Pirappu Swastika Hall
25. Pope François Arrival Marie Reine de La Paix, Port Louis
26. Honorary Citizenship Carnegie Library