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Municipal Council of Curepipe

Current Services
The key services provided by the Municipal Council of Curepipe are given below:

Service Coverage
Levy of Local Rate Section 95 of the Local Government Act 2011 An annual local rate is levied on the owner of any immovable property situated within the jurisdiction of the Council
Trade Fee As per the Local Government Act, no person is allowed to carry out any trade within the administrative area of the Council without paying a trade fee. Any fee payable in respect of any financial year shall be due on 01 January of each year and shall be paid within 15 days
Building and Land Use Permit (BLP)

Section 117 of Local Government Act 2011

Any person who intends to: (i) Commence the construction or demolition/ addition/ repairs of a building

(ii)  Carry out development of land shall apply to the Council for a Building and Land Use Permit

Market & Fairs The Council has a public market situated at Chasteauneuf Street, Curepipe and a Forum Fair at Forest Side. This service can be availed by unemployment citizens of the town.  The market stall holders and the people to whom stalls are allotted in fairs are usually small traders.

Opening Hours – 5.00 a.m in summer – 5.30 a.m in winter

Closing Hours  – 7 p.m on weekdays -12.30 p.m on Sundays and public holidays

Categories of items traded at market:

(a)   Poultry and domestic fowls, including pigeons

(b)   Venison and same

(c)   Fresh fish, sea and river shell fish, cuttlefish and calmars, land and sea turtle

(d)   Salted and dried fish

(e)   Fruits and vegetables

(f)    Spices and pickles

(g)   Bread and cakes

(h)   Grain to be used as food

Occupation of stalls and shops inside markets fairs and other premises The Council after either inviting expressions of interest or call for tenders and by contract authorizes occupation of stalls/shops inside market/fair.Occupation of stall/shop or any place inside market/fair is for a period of not more than 3 years but may be renewed in accordance with Local Government  Act Section 57.


Criteria to be followed for any person interested to have a stall Any person interested in having a stall should satisfy the following criteria:1) be a resident of the Municipal Council;

2)    have reached his/her 18 birthday at the time of submission of the Expressions of Interest;

3)    be the head of the family & the sole breadwinner;

4)    not hold any other employment or have any other source of revenue

5)    not already be the holder of any stall, shop or other place inside a market or fair or in any other place;

6)    produce a document to the effect that he/she is unemployed at the time of submitting the Expressions of Interest

Scavenging Service The Council provides weekly regular collection of refuse and conveyance of waste to approved disposal sites throughout its administrative area.  No person shall deposit any household furniture, animal carcass etc on any street, pavement, bareland, vacant premises, drain, land, rivulet, river or any public place.
Cemeteries/Cremation Ground/Crematorium 


Purchase of land for graves








Digging/reopening of graves of graves/vault


The Council has 3 crematoria.Namely:- Trou aux Cerfs, Bigarade. Tout Court , Rue Couvent

Cremation takes place as from 9.00 a.m to 4.30 p.m at 1½ hours interval.

Fees payable:-

Cremation without coffin – Rs 2000

Cremation with coffin – Rs 3000

The Council has a cemetery at Bigarade.

Fees applicable for purchase of land for graves are Rs 500.  for plot of land not exceeding 1.83 x 91 cm surface.  For additional measurements an additional fee of Rs 200 is applicable.


The price of any plot of land not exceeding 3.35 m x 2.13 m shall be Rs 5000.  for any additional surface measurement on additional fee of Rs 50/- is applicable.


The price for digging/reopening of grave shall be Rs 300.

Libraries & Cyber Cafés The Council provides library, digital and cyber café access to the citizens.  The cyber café services are provided against payment of nominal fees.
Sports The Council sponsors sports events like regular sports tournaments, quiz, indoor games tournaments.
Complaints The complaints received through the ISC by post/telephone/e-mail etc., are documented and forwarded to the departments concerned for necessary action.  Complaints are also directly received at the departments which are recorded in a complaint register and acted upon. A hotline No. 8990 is also available for receipt of complaint within the Municipal jurisdictions.
Construction of roads (non-classified) The Council is responsible for the cleaning of all its Municipal roads in accordance with the Roads Act and the Road Traffic Act.
Declaration of public roads The citizens are informed of the following procedures to adopt when declaring a road as public.

  1. Petitions / requests received in writing from owners using the road or from the National Development Unit to declare a road as public.
  2. (i)  Petitioners are requested to submit a copy of title deeds, location and survey plan;

           (ii)   A letter of consent to be signed by heirs in cases where the owner is                  not alive.

3. Confirmation of road on title deeds by the Head Of Works Department.

4. Site visits effected by Officers for verification and/or recommendation by Village Council (wherever applicable).

5. A report including site condition, topography, junctions, traffic flow etc and the costs estimates for eventual construction, maintenance or tarring and a memorandum of survey drawn by a Sworn Land Surveyor to be submitted to the Council for approval.

It is to be noted that declaring a road as ‘public’ does not imply immediate provision of relevant infrastructure-like tarring, street lighting.

6. Upon approval of the Council, notice of ‘Intended Declaration’ is placed for a period of 30 days in a prominent position at the site to declare the road as ‘public’.

7. In the event that objections, if any, are received within the 30 days from the date of display, the following steps are taken:

(a)    Confirm whether objector is the owner/resident of a property at the proposed public road;

(b)    Confirm percentage of frontage of objector’s land on the proposed public road;

          Objections to be retained from owner or majority of owners only.

8. Objection is rejected if objector:

(i)    Is not an owner/resident of any property on the site and

                   (ii)   Does not have the majority of the frontage on the proposed public road


9.In the event, no objection is received within a period of 30 days after the display of the notice is declared public.

( i) A notification plate is fixed at its entrance.

(ii) Road is included in Master list.

(iii) Relevant publication is made in the Government Gazette.

(iV) Tarring of road upon availability of funds/and Council Decision

Provision of Street Lighting



The Council undertakes provision, repair and maintenance of street lighting of all roads other than motorways and main roads.

The Council maintains the street lighting of the roads and parks/gardens within its respective jurisdiction.

Pavements/Bus/Shelters Drains/Bridges The Council is as well responsible for the construction, care, maintenance, improvement of all pavements, bus shelters, drains and bridges.
Football Ground
  1. Sir Winston Churchill Stadium (Velodrome)
  2. Casernes Football Ground (Harrylall Vaghjee)
  3. Mangalkhan
  4. Atlée
  5. Wootun
  6. L’Oyseau
  7. Robinson
  8. Malherbes
  9. Lapeyrouse
Volleyball Ground Atlee Mangalkhan







Basket Ball

  • Mangalkhan
  • L’Oyseau
  • Lapeyrouse
  • Atlee
  • Wootun
  • Malherbes
Pétanque Pitch Mangalkhan Teste de Buch

Cité St Luc (NHDC)



Eau-Coulée (Community Centre)




Pre-Primary Education Municipal Pre-Primary Schools located at :1)  Résidence Casernes

2)  Résidence Malherbes

Access is free to schools.  Open to residents of the Town aged 3 – 5 years

Gymnasium The James Burty David Gymnasium has been inaugurated on 31 January 2012.  It is located at E. Hughes at Trou aux Cerfs and is already operational.Badminton Courts – 9

Basket ball /volley ball

One fitness centre musculation & cardio

Opening Hours:

week days – 9 a.m – 9 p.m

Saturday – 9 a.m to 6 p.m

Sunday – 9 a.m to 12.00

Day Care Centres The Council runs day care centres for children of citizens under its jurisdiction.  This service is provided against payment of nominal fee.
Children Playgrounds Queen Elizabeth AvenueSSR Botanical Garden

Résidence Joachim

Malherbes A Social Centre

Casernes Multi Purpose Complex

Atlee Social Hall

La Brasserie



La Croix


Eau Coulée

Multi Purpose Complexes/Social Halls Joachim Multi Purpose Complex Charles Regnaud – Jaynarain Roy Multi Purpose Complex

Dame Henrison – Casernes Multi Purpose Complex

Malherbes A – Social Hall

Mangalkhan – Social Hall