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THE Public Infrastructure DEPARTMENT

The Public Infrastructure Department of the Municipal Council is responsible amongst others, for the following main services:-

  1. Construction and maintenance of urban roads;
  2. Construction and repair of surface water drains;
  3. Construction, care, maintenance and improvement of public lighting in the towns, including motorways & main roads;
  4. Maintenance of traffic signs and roadmarking, including name plates on urban roads;
  5. Repairs and maintenance of fleet of municipal vehicles and plants;
  6. Processing of building permits and morcellement applications;
  7. Design and implement infrastructural projects related to buildings, roads, bridges, drains, pavements, lighting, playgrounds, sports grounds, social halls, traffic centres, markets, fairs, crematoriums, exhibition halls, art galleries, public libraries etc;
  8. Maintenance of infrastructural assets of the Council.

Construction and maintenance of roads.

As per road hierarchy, the existing roads in a town are classified as follows:-

  1. motorways and main roads
  2. urban roads
  3. private roads

Item (i) is under the jurisdiction of the Road Development Authority as they are of national strategic importance.

Item (ii) is under the responsibility of the Municipal Council and constitutes the major part of roads in town.

Item (iii) represent accesses which are controlled by individual plot owners who can control their entry, exit and overall use.

There are established procedures for conversion of private lanes into public roads, for subsequent construction and tarring as laid down in the Roads Act.


The existing drains network consists of covered drains, open masonry drains and earth drains.  In view of the wet climate of Curepipe, a good network of drains has all its importance.  Obstruction of a drain or its diversion without authorization is an offence condemnable by law as drains are considered to be “domaine public.”

Any property owner wishing to cover a drain crossing his land for security purposes needs to have Municipal authorization of property owners bordering a natural drain to ensure its upkeep and good functioning.

Upkeep of the network is covered by a cyclic maintenance at six-months intervals by a team of drain cleaners.

Covering of drains or construction of drains in concrete is carried out under a capital programme on a yearly basis.

Public Lighting

The town is serviced by about 6,000 street lighting lanterns and covers almost all the built-up area of the town.  In view of the expansion of the town, this service requires a consistent review, providing for the need of the citizens.  A yearly upgrading programme is scheduled to replace the old fluorescent lanterns by more efficient and effective sodium vapour lamps.

An energy saving programme is under study for efficient use electricity under “Maurice Ile durable” programme.

Staffs to be contacted are:-

Name                                                  Post                                                    

Mr. Jeetun                               Head of Works Department

Mr. Peerthum                          Land Surveyor

Mr D. Ramduny                      Engineering Assistant

Mr N. Reemul                         Senior Works Inspector

Mr F. Raheem                         Controller of Works (Roads)

Mr B. Soocamdram                 Inspector of Works (Drains)

Mr J. F. Bosquet                     Inspector of Works (Street lighting)

Mr R. Maudhoo                      Inspector of Works (Workshop)