Trou Aux Cerfs Volcano
Municipal Council Office
Town Hall Of Curepipe

Coat of Arms

The shield of the Arms of Curepipe is divided horizontally into two parts, the upper part being about one third and the lower part two thirds of the area of the shield. The field or background of the latter is divided into six wavy divisions flowing horizontally across the shield and coloured alternatively white and blue which is intended to represent the marshy site on which the town was built and placed there on is a spring of azalea leaves and flowers all gold recalling that the site of the town was once a field of azaleas.

In the upper part of the shield termed in heraldry ‘a chief’ is depicted a green mount or hill in allusion to the well-known Trou-aux-Cerfs crater, and this is ensigned of a blue eradicated mullet or star introduced not only for geographical significance but also to provide a sense of elevation as conveyed by the motto. ‘’Excelsus Splendeo” (Exalted I Shine) is, in traditional fashion, displays upon a scroll placed below the shield itself.

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